DMIA to Showcase Diamond Verification Equipment

New York: The Diamond Manufacturers & Importers Association of America (DMIA), in cooperation with the Assure Program of the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) and the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC), will host its first annual Diamond Technology Showcase, offering its members and industry operators at large an opportunity to try and test many of the diamond screening devices available today. Beginning in mid-May, the Diamond Technology Showcase will run for two months at the DMIA premises located at The World Diamond Tower, 580 5th Avenue in mid-town Manhattan.

The Diamond Technology Showcase for diamond screening and testing equipment is the first public activity of the Diamond Integrity Committee (DDIC) of the DMIA. Established in 2020 by immediate past DMIA president Ronnie VanderLinden, the mission of the DDIC is…“to develop, adopt, and uphold standards for the diamond industry by providing education and procedural guidelines to middle-market diamond professionals regarding laboratory-grown (synthetic) diamonds and diamond simulants. Our goal is to protect and preserve the integrity of the diamond supply chain to the benefit of all consumers.”

In support of the Diamond Technology Showcase, DMIA President Stuart Samuels emphasized the importance of protecting and safeguarding the integrity and health of the diamond supply chain:

“Every responsible dealer of diamonds, regardless of his or her position in the diamond supply pipeline, should have direct access to a reliable diamond screening and testing device to ensure that they are not unwittingly taking in or presenting laboratory-grown diamonds as natural. Therefore, they must acquaint themselves with the available equipment and learn how to operate these devices on a day-to-day basis. Screening equipment must become an integral part of the process of buying and selling diamonds. Today, it is an essential tool, just like a diamond scale,” Samuels stated.

DMIA Vice President and DDIC chair Matthew Schamroth noted that the NDC created the Assure Program to “support purchasing decisions and provide independent, third-party insights into instrument performance.”
“The NDC has done a sterling job in distinguishing between the various screening devices, by assessing their capabilities in an unbiased manner, and by publishing their findings. At the Diamond Technology Showcase, we will therefore have a comprehensive selection of these devices on display in a single room, at one time, so that prospective purchasers can determine for themselves which products best suit their needs,” Schamroth said.

The viewing of the equipment and meetings with the manufacturers’ representatives (in person or virtually) will be by appointment only and available to all members of the trade to the extent that scheduling allows. In-person visitors will have the opportunity to conduct a hands-on session with the equipment, testing their own diamonds and diamond jewelry.