Mini Raman Spectrometer by Diamond Services

Hong Kong: As it prepares for the launch of its ground-breaking mini Raman Spectrometer at the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair in September, Diamond Services has announced that a U.S. $2,000 introductory discount will be provided to buyers of the new system during the days of the show.

The standard price of the mini Raman Spectrometer will be U.S. $21,500 plus shipping costs. But for those who purchase the system during the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, the system will cost U.S. $19,500 plus shipping costs.

The mini Raman Spectrometer will be available for viewing, demonstration and purchase during the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, at the Diamond Services stand in the Asia World Expo (AWE), Booth 3B00 in Hall 3, from September 16 to September 20.

The desktop-sized device, which has been designed specifically for operation by non-technical personnel in the diamond sector, is able to accurately detect HPHT and CVD lab-grown synthetic diamonds and HPHT colour-treated diamonds, as well as diamond simulants. At its standard price it will cost up to 90 per cent less than the equivalent Raman Spectrometer systems used by the leading gem labs, and will provide individual diamond and jewellery companies with a technological capability that, thus far, has been enjoyed predominantly by well-equipped gem labs.

The system is able to test both mounted and non-mounted stones, and deliver its results in an easy-to-read and interpret format.

Diamond Services was established in 2012 in Hong Kong as a developer and provider of gemological services and technology. Committed to the release of one new synthetic diamond detection device per year, in 2013 the company first introduced the DiamaPen®, a hand-held laser device that is able to detect fancy colour synthetic diamonds. In 2014 it introduced DiamaTest®, an innovative system that screens both loose and colourless diamonds for synthetics, for which it won the prestigious JNA 2014 Award.