Diamond Cluster Found in Anantapur, India

Hyderabad: Another kimberlite pipe, possibly diamond bearing, has been found in Anantapur district during exploration by experts from National Mineral Development Corporation (CNMCD) and Hyderabad based National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI), reports Deccan Chronical.

It is the seventh kimberlite pipe to be discovered in the Kalyandurg cluster of Anantapur district and has been labeled KL-7. Most diamonds are mined from volcanic carrot shaped formations known as kimberlite pipes.

NMDC and NGRI have been carrying out explorations in the 2,300 sq. km Kalyandurg region of Anantapur district after renewing their prospecting license.

The exploration was carried out by Abhijit Mukherjee, C.B. Verma and Suyash Jha of NMDC along with Dr E.V.S.S.K. Babu of NGRI.

Arial surveys of the region, along with remote sensing, were carried out for exploration along with other analysis.

Scientists said that subsequent drilling in a suspected kimberlite region led to the discovery of the kimberlite pipe near Budik-onda in Anantapur district. Previous explorations in Kalyandurg have led to the discovery of six other kimberlite pipes.

“Based on the current discovery, a suitable investigation strategy is also being suggested for here for future kimberlite exploration in the area,” the scientists said.

Mining of diamonds involves several stages as provided by the Mines and Minerals Act. These include obtaining of reconnaissance permits from the state government’s Department of mines and geology followed by a prospecting license. Companies then have to obtain mining leases from the government for taking up actual mining.