DiaCam360 Launches New Software

Ramat Gan: After three months of development, DiaCam360 has released its much anticipated software upgrade, putting its customers at the forefront of diamond imaging technology.

The new software produces images with improved sharpness and brilliance, giving every diamond a custom designed web frame. A brand new feature is a control panel that enables every user, even those with no photography skills, to adjust color saturation, hue, brightness and contrast and to achieve the precise color, making DiaCam360 the only solution for fancy color traders seeking an easy and simple solution to photograph every color possible.

“After conducting several trials with a client focus group, we decided to build B2C options into the software to enable our clients to use our product to advertise their diamonds in the retail market. These new, unique features include options to show the stone only from girdle to girdle, improve control over the zoom options and to the adjustment of the 360 view window size,”Lior Hirsh, Shirtal DiaCam’s CTO explained.

“With this major development we also included a major face lift to the company’s website www.DiaCam360.com, including many new tutorials and demos to help all customers learn how to use all these new helpful features,” he added.

All DiaCam360 customers, from small diamond dealers located on five continents, to industry leaders such as Taché, LLD and Leo Schachter, will be provided with a free software upgrade. “We strive to be the most innovative and cutting edge imaging technology company in the market and to give our clients maximum added value, with the best customer service. That’s just who we are, “Nimi Sadi, Shirtal DiaCam360’s Marketing Manager, stated.

DiaCam’s efforts bore fruit earlier than expected with the Malca-Amit owned Gem Lab Services company, an authorized “GIA LabDirect Program” participant, which is offering DiaCam360’s services in Antwerp. “DiaCam360’s high-quality images have proven to be an important, value-adding service to GemLab and its clients in Belgium,” Sadi reported.

Also, since past November, Hoover & Strong, a US-based precious metals and diamonds supplier, employs the DiaCam360 to offer its customers fully interactive 3-D modules of its diamonds on its ‘Harmony Diamond  Auctions’ auction site. “We found it crucial to offer our buyers a comprehensive and interactive view of the diamonds offered,” Torry Hoover, president of Hoover & Strong, said in a press release. “We believe the interactive views will encourage many new buyers to come on board.”