Coronet by Reena Ahluwalia Makes N. American Debut

Las Vegas: After a successful launch at Baselworld, Coronet® is excited to debut the artistic partnership with world renowned jewellery designer and painter, Reena Ahluwalia at JCK Las Vegas. The much-anticipated spinning diamonds “Inner Brilliance” jewellery collection under ‘Coronet by Reena Ahluwalia’ line is affordable for retailers, inventive and patented.

Hong Kong’s top diamond brand, Coronet® of Aaron Shum Jewellery Ltd., is known for innovation and exquisite craftsmanship. In the past years, Coronet® presented the Coronet Diamond Guitar and Coronet Gemstone Guitar, the two Guinness World Records setting artifacts that inspired imagination.

The ‘Inner Brilliance’ collection captures the essence of the patented Coronet setting that ensembles seven round brilliants with an elevated center diamond set without prongs, creating effect of one grand solitaire. The signature design element in Reena’s story is a pointer shape that points to the true center of our being – our inner brilliance. A constant reminder to stay connected to what’s most valuable to us. Along with the pointer design element that draws attention to the patented Coronet setting, the jewellery pieces also spin on central axis, creating a mesmerizing effect.

Aaron Shum, founder of Coronet® and President of Aaron Shum Jewellery, commented, “We are honored to partner with Reena again and bring this innovative collection to JCK following a hugely successful launch at Baselworld. Coronet differentiates itself as the trend-setter of the industry. We are always looking for new inspiration to show the beauty of diamonds through unconventional ways. Reena and I collaborated closely on the collection. You can feel our passion, technical invention and love of jewellery in every piece.”

The ‘Inner Brilliance’ collection comes in colorless diamonds, rubies and sapphire combinations. With a starting retail price of USD $700-onwards, there are 21 SKUs available in 18K white, rose and yellow gold. One can choose from spinning-diamonds version or non-spinning versions. The collection consists of necklace, pendant, earrings and rings. By nature of the patented Coronet setting (where for example, 0.30ct. is able to achieve a look of 1.00ct. solitaire), the collection has a decidedly voluminous multiple-carat look, yet is affordable for self-purchasers.

Reena Ahluwalia said, “Diamonds tell stories. When we attach our personal meaning to them they become part of our story. The ‘Inner Brilliance’ collection is all about self-expression, deep emotional connection to our personal values and a reminder to stay connected to what’s most valuable to us’.

Along with the jewellery collection, on exclusive view at JCK Las Vegas will be Reena Ahluwalia’s 4-feet, hyper-realistic Coronet Diamond Painting that showcases the true beauty and unique characteristics of Coronet® patented diamond setting. ‘Coronet by Reena Ahluwalia’ will be showcased at Aaron Shum Jewellery, Booth B48132, JCK Las Vegas.