CIBJO’s Blue Books Available on its Website

Milan: The six CIBJO Blue Books are definitive sets of grading standards and nomenclature for diamonds, coloured gemstones, pearls, coral, precious metals, and gemmological laboratories. They are compiled and then are consistently reviewed and updated by the relevant CIBJO Commissions, whose members include representatives of trade organisations and laboratories active in the respective areas of the industry. In the almost complete absence of jewellery industry standards endorsed by the International Standards Organisation (ISO), the CIBJO Blue Books are the most widely accepted set of globally accepted standards.

The updated versions can be downloaded from the following page on the CIBJO website:

For individuals who are not members of a CIBJO-member organisation, each individual download will cost 9.90 Swiss francs. All six Blue Books (Diamond Book, Gemstone Book, Pearl Book, Coral Book, Precious Metals Book and Gemmological Laboratories Book) can be downloaded as a single package at a discounted rate of 49.90 Swiss francs. For individuals who are members of an organisation that belongs to CIBJO, he or she is entitled to receive the CIBJO Blue Books free of charge. They should contact the organisation of which they are members to arrange delivery of the relevant Blue Books by email.

“The Blue Books are living documents, which are designed to facilitate a common language and benchmarks for members of our industry, irrespective of where they are located,” said Gaetano Cavalieri, President of CIBJO. “We update them from year to year, to reflect changing circumstances, new discoveries and developing technologies.”

“The area covered by the Blue Books is considerable, and they reflect the work done by a great many of our industry’s finest minds,” added Roland Naftule, President of CIBJO’s Sector A. “It is a massive task, and for that I would like to pay tribute to the many experts involved, and especially the presidents of the Sector A commissions and their steering committees.”