China’s Jewellery Sales Accounted for 41%

gold-plated-jewellery-setBeijing: Mainland China is a major jewellery consumer in the world. According to the recently released China Jewellery Industry Report, 2013-2016, last year jewellery sales in Chinese Mainland approximated $75.8 billion, which is equivalent to 41.2 % of the global consumption.

In Mainland China, the gold jewelry consumption accounts for about 50% of the total jewellery consumption. In 2013, two gold price slumps triggered spending spree; as a result, Mainland China’s gold jewellery sales volume increased significantly by 42.5% to 717 tons in 2013.

Currently, Chow Tai Fook, Lao Feng Xiang, Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart, Chow Sang Sang and Luk Fook have become the leading brands in China (including Mainland China and Hong Kong). In 2013, Chow Tai Fook occupied the highest share 8.63% in the Chinese market (in terms of sales revenue), followed by Lao Feng Xiang with 5.34%.