Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Platinum Evara

Mumbai: With Valentine’s Day around the corner, dedicate this time of the year to celebrating self-love! True happiness always begins with loving yourself. So this month of love, be your own Valentine by gifting yourself a metal that is just as unique and rare as you are – precious platinum.

Born from the stars, platinum is one of the rarest metals to exist on this planet, akin to the rare and progressive choice of young women who wear their identity proudly on their sleeves. Platinum’s intrinsic durability and strength, allows this white metal to stay untarnished through the passage of time, and lend itself to timeless jewellery designs. Crafted from 95% pure platinum, Platinum EVARA by PGI India offers a curated collection of exquisitely crafted platinum jewellery. Embedded with meaning, every piece in this collection is an ode to the woman who stays true to her core and embraces all parts of herself.

Be it casualwear, party wear, workwear or even Indian wear, the stunning collection by Platinum EVARA promises to take the style quotient a notch higher by offering designs that complement and elevate different looks across occasions. The versatile range includes an array of designs that range from captivating necklaces and alluring wristwear to intricately crafted earrings and elegant rings. Delicate yet seamless forms, combined with alluring diamond cuts come together to create one-a-kind pieces that seamlessly complement your outfits while making a discerning style statement.

As much as we cheer for our loved ones, it is equally important to also be your own biggest cheerleader. There is no love like self-love and no better time to accept and appreciate yourself, as you take those strides to own your individuality. So, this Valentine’s Day, celebrate self-love as you pick from a stunning array of platinum jewellery pieces from Platinum EVARA’s curated collection for yourself!