Cartier Unveils Hands-Free Diamond Watch

New York: Cartier unveiled an unusual watch in which the dial displays a panther chasing a ball to indicate the time, Forbes reported. Its price is yet to be decided.

The Panthère Joueuse de Cartier timepiece is unique in that it has no hands. Instead, the diamond ball indicates the hours and the panther’s paw and head indicate the minutes. The panther, an iconic Cartier symbol, appears to be continually pouncing as it chases the ball, which is set on a moving disk on the edge of the dial.

The watch is made from 18-karat white gold and its case is set with 320 brilliant-cut diamonds. The panther contains 255 brilliant-cut diamonds, with lacquer ‘spots’ and emerald ‘eyes’. The timepiece comes either with a strap or with a bracelet. The strap version weighs almost 6 carats, while the bracelet version weighing 17.80 carats, Forbes said.

The release of the new product comes ahead of the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, a watch exhibition to be held in Geneva from January 16.