Baselworld Cancels 2022 Show

The show last took place in 2019, has been hit by the wholesale departure of high-profile names exhibitors, the launch of a rival event by Rolex, Patek Philippe, and others, and Covid-related postponements and cancelations.

The show, which dates back to 1917 has also flip-flopped on its identity, ditching the Baselword name in favor of HourUniverse, then switching back to Baselword.

Organizers MCH Group now say the five-day event planned for 31 March to 4 April will not take place. They said they needed more time to arrange the re-launch.

It was, they said in a press statement, “particularly difficult to launch a new concept for a new target segment due to the renewed aggravation of the COVID situation and the associated uncertainty among customers”.

They also announced that managing director Michel Loris-Melikoff had decided to leave the company and “take on a new challenge”.
Organizers say they will now “analyze the target segments and, in close exchange with manufacturers and retailers, make a deep dive into their marketing and transaction needs.”