Augmont Gold for All Gets "Best OTT Platform" Award

Mumbai: India’s Gold Platform, run by Augmont Gold For All, has been honoured with the “Best OTT Platform for 2023” award at the recently held 8th India Bullion & Jewellery awards 2023. The Indian Bullion and Jewellery Association ltd (IBJA) organised the magnificent Award unveiling ceremony. IBJA recognises and honours the most deserving candidates while preserving the greatest level of transparency.

Augmont Gold For All encompasses the whole gold lifecycle, offering retail consumers a one-stop-shop solution. Furthermore, it encourages gold deposits, financing, and EMI purchases of Gold and silver. Augmont Gold For All has been acknowledged as the Best Gold Dealer and Seller at several renowned conferences.

Gold has a deep historical significance in India, captivating people worldwide with its beauty and allure. Its golden radiance could be seen across oceans and boundaries, eliciting emotions in millions of hearts. India’s desire for Gold has matured over time, with Indians accounting for the bulk of Gold purchased globally. Gold is more than just an investment in Indian history. Gold is a culturally significant metal that has made its way into both Indian hearts and houses.

Mr. Sachin Kothari, Director – Augmont-Gold For All, said,” Augmont Gold For All is proud to receive the “Best OTT Platform for 2023″ award at the 8th India Bullion & Jewellery awards 2023. This award recognises our company and its employees for their leadership in the gold industry. We have created a ground-breaking Goldtech ecosystem to make Gold more accessible, affordable, useful, and managed at all stages of our customers’ lives. We would continue to adhere to a customer-first approach with 100% transparency and 0% compromise on quality. Augmont has won the trust of millions of users through its Gold expertise and exceptional quality commitments.”

Augmont Gold For All is a platform that delivers Gold refining, retailing,Gold SIPs, EMI Gold, Digi Gold, on-demand jewellery and gold loans. It empowers customers to sell their old Gold in case of emergencies instantly. The platform enables users to access gold coins and assists gold jewellers in making online transactions via an app or website. Augmont Gold For All is the premier gold refiner in India, utilising cutting-edge refining procedures. Jewellers and banks around the country trust Augmont Gold For All. Augmont Gold For All has grown to have over 23 SPOT delivery centres across India and a supported network of nearly 4000 jewellers. It also sustains around 500 employees.