Artisan Jewellery Design Awards by GJEPC

artisanMumbai: The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council of India (GJEPC), the apex body of the gem & jewellery industry in India announces ‘The Artisan Jewellery Design Awards 2014’ scheduled in December 2014. Having hosted award and reward programs for the industry over 25 years, GJEPC now invites participation from all established and budding designers across the nation to bring out the best of their designs and present it by August 15h, 2014. The award celebrates ‘100 years of Indian cinema’ showcasing iconic jewellery with brand Ambassador Sonam Kapoor.

The award aims to celebrate the highest levels of artistry, innovation and individuality, elevating jewellery designers to their rightful status as artists. The award encourages designers to take their creativity and design aesthetics to the next level in a bid to showcase world-class pieces. The award invites a multitude of talented designers to converge under the realm of this contest and exhibit some exquisitely designed jewellery pieces.

GJEPC Brand Ambassador Sonam Kapoor says, “I believe jewellery is an expression of one’s individuality. Artisan Jewellery award is a wonderful initiative by GJEPC that provides an apt platform to all designers to showcase their creativity and talent. It is an opportunity for promising designers to create innovative designs that will appease the fashion conscious woman of today.”

Commenting on the occasion, Chairman, GPEC India, Mr. Vipul Shah says, ‘Indian cinema symbolizes Indian life and culture. In an ode to this strong influential medium of art that touches various aspects of our lives, we provide this platform to jewellery designers to present their talent to an esteemed panel of judges which will bring the finalists accolades and put them on a road to stardom”.

Speaking on the occasion, Co-convener,National Exhibition,  Mr. Milan Chokshi says, “The Artisan Awards is designed to empower designers with a platform that enables them to reveal their creativity and present extraordinary jewelry. We believe the awards will bring alive the enchanting ears of Indian cinema with alluring trinkets”

The competition has four distinct categories namely the ‘Monochromatic Era’, ‘Golden Era’, ‘Colourama Era’, ‘Avant Garde Era’. Each category has 4 shortlisted movies based on which designers will have to present their sketches for the first round. The Monochromatic era brings back the diamonds and pearls coated in precious metals in black or white color. The Golden Era highlights Indian women’s fascination towards yellow metal which has been a testament to India’s glory years. The Colourama period infuses colour to jewellery through multi-coloured precious metal & gem stones. The Avant-Garde is all about employing global techniques and path-breaking design for the creation of innovative jewellery.

The dazzling awards night will be a culmination of designs, creativity, jewellery and glamour to showcase a fitting tribute to Indian cinema.  The criteria for judging will be dependent on the thematic relevance per era and rules defined per category. Upon shortlisting a particular sketch, a four member team would select the appropriate manufacturer for the prize. In case of amateur designers, a manufacturer will be provided in-house.


Submissions will be evaluated by an esteem panel comprising leading industry veterans such as Usha Balakrishnan – jewellery historian, Priya Tanna –editor-VOGUE India,  and lastly  Ashiesh Shah


The winners of the 4 categories of the Artisan Awards will receive the following:

  • A prestigious internship with renowned global retail brand
  • Runner ups will get an internship with renowned Indian retail brand
  • The creations will be displayed in the Indian Pavilion/ International roadshows
  • Get invaluable publicity through media exposure
  • Receive their awards at an exclusive awards event to be held in Mumbai


Monochromatic Magic (The silent era to the talkies)

Classic jewellery dominated this era with Black & White movies which were center stage. Themes from epics and mythology found a magnificent portrayal in monochrome.

Participation Criteria:

  • Main Component: Diamonds
  • Precious Metal (Black or White)
  • Any Colourless Gem Material
  • Pearls (Optional)
  • Min. 1 carat – Max. 5 carats (Includes Rough)
  • Visual Impact : Black & White

Participants must develop their sketches as per the following four movies chosen to best represent this era, namely- Raja Harishchandra, Hunterwali, Devdas, Alam-Ara.

Golden Glory (The golden era of Indian cinema)

This period marks the changing face of Indian cinema and it transformation to Glamour age from 1940’s to 1960. Big budget productions with grand sets, magnificent costumes and memorable music, depicting the glory of cinema started taking form.

Participation Criteria:

  • Main Component: Yellow Precious Metal ( Silver can be plated to yellow )
  • Traditional 4 colours (ie. Blue, Red, Green, White) of Diamonds/ Ruby/ Emerald/ Blue Sapphire /Natural Yellow Gem
  • Filligure, Ripuze, Maqshid& many more
  • The gross weight of the piece should not exceed 100 gms
  • Visual Impact : Gold

Participants must develop their sketches as per the following four movies chosen to best represent this era, namely-Mother India, An Evening in Paris, Love in Tokyo, Jewel Thief.

Colorama (The masala films era)

The era of masala film takes light in this period and it guarantees thrills with its hit formula of elaborate song and dance routines, action and typical characters with iconic dialogues. The movies produced in this time were blockbusters and ever green.

Participation Criteria:

  • Main Component- Any multi-coloured precious metal & gem stones
  • Gem material should not exceed 50 carats (Must use at least 3 Colours or Shades)
  • Visual Impact : Colour

Participants must develop their sketches as per the following four movies chosen to best represent this era, namely-Sholay, Don, Baazigar, Hum Aapke Hai Koun.

Avant-Garde: (The global reach era)

Romantic, thriller, action and comedy films of the nineties made way for current new age films. A younger generation of film directors, actors, costumes and set designers take precedence in this period as   Indian cinema’s latest avatar giving it whole new global appeal.

Participation Criteria:

  • Main Component- Any precious metal, gem stones, diamonds
  • Do not use conventional round diamonds/colour gem stones
  • Use of alternative metal is encouraged
  • Use global techniques, breaking traditional design barriers (It should be path-breaking in design for wearable jewellery)

Participants must develop their sketches as per the following four movies chosen to best represent this era, namely-Dil Chahta Hai, Rock on, Black, Queen.

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