Argyle Pink Diamond Coin Released

Perth: The Perth Mint has released a 2oz pink gold coin featuring a hand-set pink diamond from the Argyle diamond mine. The limited-edition Kimberley Sunset coin, created in association with Rio Tinto, is being sold for AU$8,000 ($6,253).

The small diamond in each coin is sized between 0.035 and 0.045 carats. The reverse side of the coin depicts a boab tree amid a Kimberley landscape at sunset. The pink diamond embedded near the horizon represents the setting sun.

According to the Perth Mint, just 440 of the coins, from a maximum mintage of 500, will be issued. “The Kimberley Sunset Coin sets a new benchmark in limited edition craftsmanship. The combination of a specially minted coin featuring a rare Argyle pink diamond makes for a timeless and beautiful collectable,” said Josephine Johnson, manager Argyle Pink Diamonds.