Angola Tips Zimbabwe for KP Chair

ChairmanHarare: Angola said when presented with an opportunity to chair the Kimberley Process (KP), Zimbabwe should make a bid, as the African continent will support it as a candidate.

The global diamond trade watchdog was established in 2003 in Kimberley, South Africa to stem the illicit trading of gems. Member countries chair the organization on a rotational basis for a full year term. Angola would next year take over from China as the KP chair.

Speaking on behalf of Endiama chairperson Carlos Sambula at a diamond conference in Harare, the company’s administrator Paulo Mvika said Zimbabwe was capable of leading KP as it was full certified.

Zimbabwean diamonds were once suspended by KP following reports of human rights violations in Marange, accusations Harare refuted. However, the country was given the green light to export its diamonds in November 2011 after meeting KP’s minimum requirements.

Meanwhile, the KP first chairperson Abbey Chikane said Zimbabwe was more KP compliant than the United States. However, Chikane could not explain further why he though Zimbabwe was more compliant.

The United States are accused of frustrating Zimbabwe’s efforts to fully benefit from its diamonds, as it had imposed sanctions on Marange diamond companies.