Angola Considering to Build Second Diamond Hub

Dubai: Angola is considering building a second diamond in Lunda Norte Province once vacancies are filled at the Saurimo hub, according to media reports.

Mineral resources minister Diamantino Azevedo was quoted as saying at the just ended Dubai Diamond Conference that the hub and the country’s diamond sector were open to international investments.

The Saurimo hub, also in Lunda Norte Province, was opened last year.
It currently has three diamond cutting factories, a factory school and a training centre, with two units under construction and more than 20 vacancies yet to be filled.

The three are the KGK Group, which can cut 12,000 carats per month, Kapu Gems with a capacity to cut 5000 carats per month and Stardiam with a capacity to cut more than 5000 carats per month.
Azevedo told the diamond conference that it had made improvements in legislation and the business environment, which makes it easier for potential diamond cutting and polishing companies to invest in the country.

“I want Angola to increasingly participate in the diamond cutting industry,” he said.