ALROSA’s Diamond Resources Decline

Moscow: ALROSA’s rough diamond resources fell 4 percent to 1.03 billion carats as at July 1, 2016, the Russia-based miner reported.

Back on January 1, 2015, the resources stood at 1.08 billion carats. Both assessments were carried out in accordance with a code outlined by the Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC), the Australasian guidelines for reporting mineral resources and ore reserves, according to ALROSA.

Meanwhile, mineral reserves, defined as resources whose mining is economically feasible, declined almost 1 percent to 653 million carats.

No new deposits or pipes were added from the previous assessment, the company explained. That said, resources from the Verkhne-Munskoe deposit, the Zaria pipe, the Maiskoye kimberlite body and the Botuobinskaya placer were reclassified as reserves, ALROSA pointed out.