ALROSA Releases Social & Environmental Report

Moscow: ALROSA published Social & Environmental Report. The Report was prepared in accordance with the “core” level of the new GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. The Report is to inform a wider audience about ALROSA’s major contribution to three areas of sustainable development: economy, environment and social systems.

The Company’s social and environmental performance, commitments to the shareholders, clients and government, along with employees, local and industry communities are regulated by a backbone document – the Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of PJSC ALROSA.

ALROSA encourages stable social and environmental development all across its footprint investing heavily in social infrastructure maintenance and offering financial support to childcare, educational and research, cultural and sporting institutions. In 2014, ALROSA’s social expenses exceeded RUB 5.7 billion.
The total headcount of ALROSA Group is over 40,000 people, mainly residents of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). For many years, the Company has been running corporate social programs, including health care for employees and their families, home purchase support, cultural and sports events. In 2014, ALROSA invested over RUB 3.2 billion in social programs for personnel.

ALROSA pays great attention to environmental protection, sustainable use of natural resources and reduction of environmental footprint. The Company’s total environmental spending amounted to about RUB 6 billion in 2014.

ALROSA’s Social and Environmental Report for 2014 with details on the Company’s contribution to sustainable development is posted on ALROSA’s official website.