Alrosa Recovers 78.02-Carat Diamond

Moscow: The ALROSA diamond mining company reported the discovery of a large diamond weighing 78.02 carats at the Mir kimberlite pipe in Yakutia.

The size of the diamond is 28.5 x 28.4 x 24.2 mm. This transparent, yellowish-greenish crystal has an octahedral shape, with minor technology-related damage of two tops and small inclusions.

According to preliminary estimates of the Diamond sorting center experts, the cost of the stone at an auction could exceed $600,000.

Previously, the company reported that in the first quarter of 2015, production at the Mir underground mine increased by 9 times to 488,000 carats due to a set of measures to reduce the water content of the underground mine.

Meanwhile, sales of diamonds produced by ALROSA in Q1 2015 amounted to 9 million carats, including 7 million carats of gem quality diamonds at an average price of $161 per carat. The proceeds from diamond sales in Q1 are expected to reach no less than $1.1 billion.