ALROSA Recovers 3 Large Special Diamonds

Moscow: Russian diamond producer ALROSA said it has recovered three large special diamonds from two deposits at its Aikhal Mining and Processing Plant.

Two diamonds from the Jubilee pipe weigh 60.22 and 73.50 carats respectively, and were recovered at the factory no.14 of the Aikhal plant. Another stone weighing 66.24 carats was produced from the Komsomolskaya pipe at the factory no.8. These crystals have octahedral shape and are transparent with a yellowish tinge.

In 2016, ALROSA recovered 22 large rough diamonds at the Jubilee pipe weighing 50 to 122 carats. Among them are the diamond weighing 121.96 carats, and the stone weighing 79.35 carats.

The Komsomolskaya deposit is also famous for its large diamonds. Among them are stones weighing 55.70 carats and 70.20 carats.