Alrosa Readies Clients for New Contract Period

Moscow: Russian diamond miner Alrosa briefed its long-term clients last week on the requirements for its new three-year contract period, which begins in 2018.

To determine whether clients qualify for the “Alrosa Alliance” program, the company will evaluate their applications and assess their cooperation during the current contract period, the miner said.

Alrosa — the largest diamond producer by volume — holds monthly rough sales for its contract-holders as part of the program. As in previous years, the assortment and volume of goods the company sells will be decided on an annual basis during the upcoming period, Alrosa said.

Company president Sergey Ivanov added that Alrosa’s core sales policy would not change and that any improvements would take feedback from its customers into account.

Ivanov, who was appointed to his post last month, met with representatives of more than 70 clients as part of the briefing, presenting an opportunity to discuss market trends, plans for the future, and the company’s sales structure, Alrosa reported.