ALROSA Raised $1.13M during Diamond week

Moscow: ALROSA raked in $1.13 million during its Diamond auction week in Yakutia, said Catherine Kormilitsyna, the head of the Ministry of Enterprise and Tourism of Yakutia.

“ALROSA Diamond Company sold a total of 25 lots worth $1.13 million during the Diamond week. By the way, this year’s auction earned the company less than the previous year. In 2014, ALROSA gained more than $2 million during the auction,” the head of the ministry said.

According to her, ALROSA has denied the impact of the economic crisis on the sale of rough diamonds. This year’s range of products, which was offered to the bidders, did not arouse much interest.

More than 50 representatives of companies from around the world, including Russia, took part in the auction. Out of these, only 30 were selected to take part in the tender. The participants of the diamond auction had an opportunity to browse goods from August 21 to September 1. Customers could choose from 35 diamonds weighing 516 carats in total. The largest stone offered at the auction was a 39.49-carat diamond.