ALROSA Holds New Diamond Auction at EDC

Moscow: ALROSA has announced the next rough diamond auction at the Eurasian Diamond Centre (EDC) in Vladivostok, reports Rough&Poloshed.

The company introduced small, boart and boart&drilling categories of diamonds at the auction, which may be of interest for both jewelry and tool-making industry. The volume of the planned sale exceeds 500 000 carats. ALROSA invited 23 companies to take part in the auction, including Russian and foreign long-term customers.

“Today’s trades are conducted in order to better understand the needs of the region and to get an update on customer preferences. This is necessary to make a decision about the range of regular trading”, – says Galina Platonova, adviser to the president of ALROSA.

In future this trading platform, among other things, will conduct quarterly trading of diamonds of special sizes.

ALROSA held its first diamond auction in Vladivostok on the eve of the 2nd Eastern Economic Forum on September 2-3. During the event, the Eurasian Diamond Centre was officially opened, and has recently become a 100th resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok.

EDC provides infrastructure cluster for diamond industry (mining companies and the sale of rough diamonds, diamond manufacturers and jewelry, gemological laboratories, banks, insurance companies, specialized carriers, customs brokers) and public services (specialized customs and state controllers) in its premises.