AGS Introduces ‘Only My Diamond’ Service

ags-logoNew York: The American Gem Society Laboratories (AGS Laboratories) has started a new service called Only My Diamond. The interactive online tool on the AGSLab web site provides an enhancement to AGS Laboratories’ Diamond QualityDocument (DQD) by offering supplementary diamond quality information.

The Only My Diamond service includes a downloadable PDF of the Diamond Quality Document (DQD), a video of the jewelry buyer’s diamond, the American Gem Society’s proprietary ASET image, a map illustrating the facet alignment (known as the Optical Precision Map), a rendering of the diamond’s exact clarity plot and definitions of its components, images of the laser inscription, definitions of the 4Cs, and a proprietary light performance diamond quality graph that is backed by science.

“We recognized a need for a service like this in the diamond industry, especially one backed by the AGS Laboratories brand,” said Jason Quick, Laboratory Director of AGS Laboratories. “Only My Diamond is a further extension of the AGS Laboratories mission of consumer protection, more so, because it informs the consumer in a way that is interactive and engaging.”

Only My Diamond TM allows both suppliers and retailers to present the diamond to their customers by bringing the grading report to life, and providing complete details on the 4Cs, with visual and descriptive explanations of the diamond characteristics, AGS added.