Advanced HPHT for Lab Grown Diamonds

Antwerp: The IGI Laboratory in Antwerp has issued reports for two very special laboratory grown polished diamonds, according to a press-release. Herman Brauner, the co-founder and head of the IGI Laboratory, said, “that the two laboratory grown diamonds submitted to IGI are the largest, highest color, flawless man-made diamonds ever seen at the IGI Antwerp laboratory.”

Both stones are over 1 carat in weight and are certified D-color, internally flawless with triple-excellent cuts and no color overtones or fluorescence.

Diamaz International submitted the two diamonds to IGI. Diamaz International is an Antwerp-based company and is Europe’s leading supplier of laboratory grown diamonds.

Thierry Silber, the CEO of Diamaz, said that “new advancements in high pressure high temperature (HPHT) technology have made it possible for his company to be the first distributor of laboratory grown diamonds in consistent D to F colors from 1-carat to 3-carat.”

He further stated that “these new diamonds are extremely desirable not only because of the high colors but because laboratory grown diamonds have rarely been achieved without colored overtones.” Silber was quick to point out that other methods of growing laboratory white diamonds commonly display these overtones or hues of color. He predicts that demand for these new diamonds will soon outstrip supply. Silber said he is proud to be the first distributor to bring a new and higher level of white laboratory grown diamond to his clients.