6,000-Gram Gold “Devil’s Ear” Unearthed in Russia

devils-earMoscow: Russian miners have unearthed a scary-looking 6,664-gram piece of gold they labeled the “Devil’s Ear” on Friday the 13th.

According to the official publication of the local government, workers at the Ukhagan mine in the Bodaybinsky district of Siberia found the piece, the largest nugget ever found in the area, on June 13, the eve of the full moon. It weighs more than 6 kilograms. It was dubbed the “Devil’s Ear” because of its pointy-ear shape.

“For us it is a pleasant surprise,” Sergey Kozlov, director of Ukhagan, told the news source. “The deposit is new, small gold content, and we did not have hope for such a big discovery.”

“If there is one, then there is possibly one more diabolical ear,” the publication concluded.