300 Israeli Exhibitors at Int'l Diamond Week

IsdeRamat Gan: Around 300 members of the Israel Diamond Exchange will be exhibiting their diamond stocks on the trading floor of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) at the International Diamond Week (IDW) in February. They will be joined on the IDE trading by members of the Diamond Dealers Club of New York, the Antwerp Diamond Bourse (Beurs voor Diamanthandel). The list of participating Israeli firms can be seen below.

“We are currently completing the final layout of the trading hall to accommodate not only the exhibiting companies, but also the hundreds of buyers who have registered for the Winter edition of the event,” said Moti Fluk, IDE Treasurer and Head of the IDW Organizing Committee. “It is a real challenge to turn the trading halls into a temporary exhibition space to facilitate traffic of close to 2,000 people.”

Buyers’ registration has surpassed the 300 mark and is expected to continue to grow. “Our experience of previous editions of the event has taught us that buyers will continue to register up to the minute,” Fluk noted. “This means that the number of registrants will probably be way above the 500 mark,” he added.

IDE President Shmuel Schnitzer said that with so many hundreds of traders – sellers and buyers – on the floor, the choice of goods would be almost limitless. “The almost limitless variety of goods that will be on offer on the floor make this a unique event,” he noted. “With this project in its third year, we have established one of the most significant inter-bourse diamond trading events where buyers will find what they need!”

Meanwhile, the IDE communications team released its latest promotional video that is drawing industry-wide acclaim. “The video displays the rich variety and choice of diamonds available here in Ramat Gan,” Schnitzer pointed out. He paid tribute to the organizing committee which is constantly trying to plug into new and alternative marketing methods. “We have significantly stepped up our marketing efforts, in particular in the realm of social media, and this promotional video is an excellent example of those efforts,” he concluded.