‘TIMELESS’ Jewellery by Madhuri Dixit

Ms. Madhuri Dixit alongwith Mr Saurabh gadgil - CMD PNG Jewellers at its boutique launch at Pune

Madhuri Dixit and Saurabh Gadgil

Mumbai: Madhuri Dixit’s beauty and appeal have often been described as timeless. So it’s only fitting that her own jewellery line is called TIMELESS by Madhuri Dixit. The superstar tied up with the PNG Jewellers  that has showcased the line at its latest venture- a PNG boutique that houses the exquisite range of diamond jewellery, TIMELESS by Madhuri Dixit at JW Marriot, Pune. Madhuri Dixit-Nene, a symbol of beauty and elegance, launched her exclusive brand at the new boutique store, along with the Company’s Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Saurabh Gadgil.

Ms. Madhuri has been associated with PNG Jewellers for a long time and it is the very first time she is launching her own jewellery label, TIMELESS by Madhuri Dixit. The unique concept of a boutique store gave shape to this vision and will shortly be rolled out to 7 other cities. The boutique store is particularly aimed at young & fashion-driven shoppers as the store offers various interactive features.

The eternal beauty Madhuri Dixit shares, “I’ve been working on creating a jewellery line for a couple of years now and when I first met Dajikaka Gadgil a few years ago, I had told him about my thoughts. He was very encouraging and told Saurabh Gadgil that we should collaborate on this line. I am proud to partner with PNG and launch my jewellery line. TIMELESS manifests the emotions, the facets and the diverse traits of the feminine identity. Each piece of jewellery has a story and speaks volumes. The Marquise cut represents the feminine diva in you, the Teardrop is a symbol of love and longing, the round cut represents a loving and nurturing mother, the trillion cut manifests the grace of a dancer and the princess cut is the symbol of an ambitious, modern woman.”

Mr. Saurabh Gadgil shares, “PNG Jewellers has been exploring all facets of Jewellery retail and Diamond Jewellery is an aspect that we want to excel at. Premium jewellery with an exceptional purchasing environment is the vision behind TIMELESS by Madhuri Dixit and the eternal Bollywood diva Madhuri is the epitome of the timeless quality of diamonds. TIMELESS by Madhuri Dixit is magnificent and we take great pride in our association.  We are the global licensee of TIMELESS by Madhuri Dixit and the PNG Boutique is the first store to showcase it. This is going to be the ultimate high end shopping experience. We are spreading our wings as a brand and we are really excited”