Argyle Pink Diamond Jewellery Previewed in NY

Argyle Pink Diamond RingNew York: Rio Tinto has previewed a series of new limited edition collections of exquisite jewellery showcasing their rare and iconic Argyle pink diamonds.

The jewellery collections were launched in New York by an exclusive group of five US retailers appointed under the Argyle Pink Diamond’s Select Atelier™ program, against the backdrop of the prestigious 2015 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender.

The five luxury retailers – Americus, Bachendorfs, Barmakian, Rosenberg Diamonds and Tappers – join an elite group of master-craftsmen in the US, an important collector market for fancy gems and the world’s largest retail diamond jewellery market.

Argyle Pink Diamonds manager Josephine Johnson said “I am delighted to preview these collections and extend a very warm welcome to our new Select Ateliers™ whose commitment to beautiful design and quality craftsmanship is a perfect fit with the rarity, beauty and luxury of Argyle pink diamonds.”

Argyle Pink Diamonds Authorized Partner Jordan Fine, whose New York based boutique diamond company JFine specializes in rare fancy coloured diamonds, has overseen the limited edition jewellery collections. Mr. Fine said “This is the ideal time to launch new Argyle pink diamond jewellery to US consumers and collectors, and it is fitting that we launch the Limited Edition collections in New York at the time of the 2015 Argyle Pink Diamond Tender which showcases the year’s most celebrated Argyle pink diamonds”

Rio Tinto’s 2015 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender, comprising 65 of the world’s rarest pink and red diamonds, is in New York as part of its global tour. The spectacular collection is attracting global demand, with strong interest from collectors, connoisseurs, and luxury jewellers .The 2015 Tender, weighs a total of 44.14 carats and includes four Fancy Red diamonds. The collection comprises five “hero” diamonds selected for their unique beauty and named to ensure there is a permanent record of their contribution to the history of the world’s most important diamonds.